We're Moving!

The Gampopa Center is moving to a new space at 918 Chesapeake Avenue in the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis.

UPDATE: Click here to view the progress of the renovations at the new center.

Since its founding seven years ago, the Gampopa Center has brought significant benefits to the community and people around Maryland by providing the authentic and wise teachings of the Buddha. We have achieved various studies and practices of the Buddhadharma, including Buddhist philosophy, meditation, the science of mind and Sadhana practice. All of these activities have brought the light of the Buddha’s teachings into our hearts and minds.

The growth of the Gampopa Center is limitless, and we believe that the flourishing of its dharma activities will bring wisdom, compassion, peace, and happiness to the people and the world. We have long been cognizant of the fact that the long-term growth and stability of the center and its dharma activities are dependent on a larger space. As a result, due to the generosity of our supporting members and the Center's commitment to the community, we were determined to find a larger space for these activities to flourish.

Thus, the Gampopa Center is very happy to announce that we have a new home at 918 Chesapeake Avenue! The new Center, located across the street from the Eastport Shopping Center, is more than three times larger than our current space. In addition to a very spacious shrine room, our new Center will also have a separate area that will serve as a lounge, library, or meeting space. 

Rinpoche has stated: “In order to alleviate ourselves of suffering and problems, we have to do two things: accumulate merit, and accumulate wisdom. The accumulation of merit and wisdom are equallyimportant.” Providing dharma for others, which includes building temples and shrines, and providing scriptures and dharma teachings, is a great way to accumulate merit and benefit sentient beings. This is a great opportunity for the dharma center to grow, and for its supporters to accumulate merit.

We are very grateful to our friends and supporting members. It is because of everyone’s commitment to the Gampopa Center that we are able to make this move. This is a wonderful opportunity to work side-by-side with sangha members and to bond in the creation of our new center. We invite everyone to join us in creating this new home.  There are two main things that you can do to get involved with this new endeavor:

  • Help make our new home beautiful: volunteering to help paint, lay the floor, move from our old location and set up our new location. Please email info@gampopacenter.com if you are interested in helping with this part of the project.

  • Help cover the up-front costs of the move: we have a very generous donor who is willing to match donations up to $5000.00 to help cover our up-front moving costs, including some of the renovation work that needs to be done to the space itself. Donations can be made through the website (gampopacenter.com) or in person by check or cash. Please help us obtain these matching funds by contributing whatever amount is right for you.

If financial or health reasons impede you from participating, it does not mean you will not receive the blessings, for these come with pure devotion.

We are so happy and excited to make this announcement, and hope that you share in this joy with us. Please stay tuned for more information on the official grand opening of the new center, and for more details on updated schedules, new classes, and special ceremonies to celebrate our new location.