Celebrating Saga Dawa 2017

Join us on June 9th  at 7 PM to celebrate the birth, enlightment and parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha.
Saga Dawa
The Gampopa Center of Annapolis (map)
June 9, 2017
7 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.

On June 9, 2017, at 7 PM at the Gampopa Center, we will celebrate the Buddhist holiday of Saga Dawa, which is the annual commemoration and remembrance of Shakyamuni Buddha's birth, enlightenment and parinirvana.


The holiday of Saga Dawa, which is Tibetan for "full moon," falls within the month of Saga Dawa, which is the fourth month on the Tibetan lunar calendar. Saga Dawa Duchen, as the festival day is known, is the fifteen day (or the full moon) of the fourth month of the lunar year.

The festivities will be led by Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche, which will include the recitation of several prayers and remembrances of the life of the Buddha. We will also share light snacks and refreshments.

We hope to see you there!