Dharma Texts


Chenrezig Sadhana Practice Text

In his great compassion, the Buddha emanated as Chenrezig, a form of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Practices such as the Chenrezig sadhana can be approached by someone leading an ordinary life, and the Chenrezig meditation is uncommon both in the ease of its performance and the blessing that it bestows. This is the Mahayana and Vajrayana essential practice. It is very effective to new practitioners, opening their hearts to the path of liberation. Also, this practice is very helpful for someone who has been practicing a long time, yet has lots of obstacles that they are encountering on the path. This practice is also for someone who is a more advanced practitioner; this will lead deeper to the heart essence of the Buddhist path.


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Green Tara Daily Practice Booklet

Tara is the Mother of All Buddhas,  guiding light and source of protection for all who seek refuge in her. She protects us from all manner of danger, sickness, contagion, violence, and so forth. Countless Buddhas and bodhisattvas have relied on Tara in their time of need, as well as dedicating their own practice to her as a way to reach Buddhahood.


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Medicine Buddha Practice

This is a simple visualization and mantra practice for Medicine Buddha, otherwise known as Bhaiṣajya-Guru, Lord of Physicians, or Sangye Menla.


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Concise Prayers for Daily Practice

Compiled by Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche, this prayer book is designed for use in everyday practice. It is designed for those who are interested in the practices of various sadhanas and mantras but have limited time for the practice of more extensive versions. All the prayers and mantras in this book originate from authentic

sadhanas composed by enlightened masters and sutras from the Buddha. These very mantras and prayer verses have been practiced and blessed by countless accomplished practitioners, Buddhas and



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The Thirty-Seven Practices of Bodhisattvas

This text is one of the most important and profound teachings on the practices of all bodhisattvas. Written by the great master Gyalse Tokme Zangpo, it remains as relevant today as it was when it was written centuries ago.

This is a new translation from the original Tibetan, and was completed by our own Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche in 2016.

Rinpoche's Dharma Teachings

The Lamp of Scriptures and Reasoning: A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on the Faults of Eating Meat


The Lamp of Scriptures and Reasoning is an important and ground-breaking examination of the spiritual and ethical reasons behind abstaining from meat. Praised by both His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, this text draws upon the sutra and tantric teachings to explain why vegetarianism not only benefits animals, but all sentient beings.


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Ancient Wisdom for Our Modern Society


In Ancient Wisdom for Our Modern Society, Rinpoche applies Buddhist teachings to many of our everyday problems. With many auspicious teachings on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, karma, compassion, and happiness, Rinpoche demonstrates that Buddhism is not just one of the world's oldest spiritual traditions, but is a collection of practices and beliefs that are more relevant than ever.


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Lama Phurbu Tashi: A Collection of Writings


Lama Phurbu Tashi: A Collection of Writings is a compilation of various writings and teachings by Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche. This collection includes four different parts: stories, wisdom, songs and poetry, and philosophy. Highlights of the text include Rinpoche's essays on karma and refuge, as well as several tales about his childhood.


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