Reducing Stress and Anxiety with The Four Placements of Mindfulness

The Four Placements of Mindfulness

Led by Ani Varahi Kelsang

 Zoom Only
Sunday, January 30, 2022
10 AM - 2 PM
$25 Donation
$20 for Supporting Members

Buddha Shakyamuni taught Mindfulness as a technique to enable us to be fully present in our lives and to discover the true nature of both ourselves and our world. We create mental images of everything and then we grasp at these as if they exist in a fixed and solid way. This results in anxiety and stress. These four placements -Mindfulness of Body, Feelings, Mind, and Phenomena enable us to see their illusory nature and become free from our conditioned responses.  Morning and afternoon sessions will include teachings, guided meditations and time for Q & A.

Cost of the retreat is $25 per person, or $20 for supporting members. (Working scholarships are available for anyone who is unable to provide a monetary donation. Please contact us for more.) To register, please email us at

About Ani Varahi Kelsang
Kelsang Varahi, a retired physician and Buddhist nun, will give the teachings and lead the guided meditations. Over the past several years she has worked as a Bereavement Counselor and Chaplain for a local hospice and has led support groups and workshops in the Washington area. Ani Varahi has led teachings at the Gampopa Center in the past, as recently as last September when she led a wonderful one day mini-retreat on the power of forgiveness.