Embodying Sound for Healing

Using sound to heighten your awareness, connect with your energy centers, and enhance your ability to heal

You are invited to join Jan Nicholson and Carol Marcy to learn how to use sound to heighten your awareness, to connect with your energy centers, and to enhance your ability to heal mind-body-spirit. Jan, who has studied sound healing with Jonathan Goldman, and Carol, who has studied with Tom Kenyon, will deepen your experience in the healing use of sound. Both are long time meditators and students of Dzogchen, a heart centered form of Tibetan Buddhism. 

If you have attended one of Carol and Jan's previous workshops on Embodying Sound for Healing, feel free to come again as they will be teaching a whole other medley of sound healing activities. 

Teacher/facilitator bio: Jan and Carol are both psychologists who use many mind-body-spirit approaches in their therapeutic practices. They are long-time avid meditators who especially love the use of sound for healing and deepening meditation.

To register, please email Jan at jnicholsonedd@aol.com. The fee is $25, all of which will go to support Gampopa Center of Annapolis.

Embodying Sound for Healing
Jan Nicholson and Carol Marcy
The Gampopa Center of Annapolis (map)
April 8, 2017
2 PM to 4:30 PM