CHIme Technique

Creating compassionate holistic health and healing through intuitive movements of essence, energy and ease, led by Michael Burrell
CHIme Techniques
Michael Burrell
The Gampopa Center of Annapolis (map)
By Appointment

A study and exploration of human movement potential in building awareness, establishing a sense of presence and intuitive measures to safeguard against assault.  These classes focuses on the exploration and development of the body through simple exercise, and the adaptation of naturally derived movement to self-defense.

The class does not focus any particular style of martial arts, meditation, or exercise but work with the individual in developing and strengthening their intuitive physical response to attack.  Self-defense is really about disrupting potential violence by introducing a state of knowing presence by our choice of movement. 

About the teacher:  Michael Burrell  has practiced various martial arts styles and combat systems for over 30 years. Please contact Michael for more information about this class by calling 301-501-0761 or emailing him at

Michael Burrell