Offering Butter Lamps in India 2019

Offer a Butter Lamp


  1. Click the "Donate" button above.

  2. Enter the amount of you would like to donate based on how many butter lamps you would like to offer. For example, if you would like to offer 8 butter lamps, please enter $40.

  3. After completing your donation, please email us at & send us information about the intentions and aspirations that you would like to have read while the light offering ceremony is being conducted by Rinpoche and the sangha in India.

We invite you to light a butter lamp at Bodhgaya and other sacred Buddhist sites in India in 2019.

Please help us in this effort by reaching out to your friends and family. Gifts can be offered in honor of birthdays, special occasions and loved ones. Consider a butter lamp donation as part of your holiday giving as an expression of the wish that all beings have happiness. Help us to expand our circle of caring, connection, providing benefit, loving kindness to all and providing Buddha's teachings, especially in place where the teachings are rare.

The price of 1 butter lamp is $5.00 USD. This event will be held in October 2019. Please contact one of us for more information:

Jakarta, Indonesia
1. Mr. Asiong / Mrs. Ing Hua 082213191319
2. Mrs. Frida 081294383358
3. Mr. Johan 087885883357

Aceh, Indonesia
1. Mr. Herianto Salim 08126013330

Medan, Indonesia
1. Mrs. Norlela Tantoso 0811600113
2. Ms. Erica Yin 081263399626

3. Ms. Fanny Lawrence (email:

1. Mrs. Susy Tan 86086025 (WHATSAPP/SMS ONLY)

USA/Rest of the World
1. Karen Lorenz (410) 881-3230 (email:

1. Tsering Dorje (647) 861-8657 (email: