Awareness Meditation: Living in the Field

A seminar on learning how to enter and hold onto the field of awareness, led by Jan Nicholson, EdD

Jan Nicholson, EdD

As Dudjom Rinpoche, a great Dzogchen master wrote, "There is only one thing to be understood- Know the one thing that liberates everything- Awareness itself, your own true nature."  The practice of Dzogchen can help us make a profound internal shift: our consciousness expands when we learn to become aware of awareness itself. 

This process of discovering our own innermost awareness enables us to experience the essence of who we truly are. We begin to identify as the thinker of our thoughts and the feeler of our emotions rather than mistakenly identifying thoughts and feelings as Self. In this awareness state we are able to transcend the old “stories” of our lives - freeing us to create life anew. Our capacity to live in the present is heightened; joy, clarity of mind, and greater compassion for oneself and others become the foundation of our life experience.


The qualities of the awareness field are spaciousness, energy, luminosity, and compassion. As we learn to embody spaciousness inside, we are supported in moving away from the chronic constriction and tension of worry and preoccupation and in moving toward embodying an ever-evolving sense of peacefulness. 


Learn how to enter and hold the primordial field of awareness, becoming able to generate and sustain this view. There will be opportunities for sharing experiences that occur during class. Anyone who has a serious interest in meditation may attend; no previous experience is necessary.


The weekly classes last an hour and a half. While dropping in whenever you like is great, regular attendance can help you progress more easily in your practice. Please dress comfortably.  Requested fee is $15 per class, all of which is donated to Gampopa Center.


If you would like more information, please call Jan at 202-230-1075.

Awareness Meditation
Jan Nicholson, EdD
The Gampopa Center of Annapolis (map)
Sundays, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM