Awareness Meditation and Practices for Healing

Entering the field of awareness to promote healing for mind, body and spirit.

As Dudjom Rinpoche, a great Dzogchen master wrote, "There is only one thing to be understood - Know the one thing that liberates everything - Awareness itself, your own true nature." The practice of Dzogchen can help us make a profound internal shift: our consciousness expands when we learn to become aware of awareness itself. 

Through teachings, awareness meditation, and working with each other in dyads, those who come to this workshop will learn how to enter and hold the primordial field of awareness together. Especially geared to those in the healing professions, once we practice generating and sustaining this view, we then will focus on Dzogchen skillful means practices that can help clients/patients to enter spaciousness in such a way that constricted mind/body states can be transcended. If this sounds appealing to anyone not working in a healing profession, please feel free to contact Jan Nicholson at to talk over whether this is something you might like to attend anyway. If you have nervousness about working with someone you don't know, consider seeing if a friend will come with you. 

Teacher/facilitator bio: A Harvard-educated licensed clinical psychologist, Jan's passion has been to explore mind-body medicine throughout her career. For twenty-five years, she has been a member of a seminar focused on meditative psychotherapeutic approaches held at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. She has trained in clinical hypnosis, SomatoEmotional Release, guided imagery, Mind-Body Skills, EMDR, Sound Healing, and various energy modalities.

To register, please email Jan at The fee is $35, all of which will go to support Gampopa Center of Annapolis.

Awareness Meditation and Practices for Healing
Jan Nicholson
The Gampopa Center of Annapolis (map)
April 29, 2017
2 PM to 5 PM