Adult Ballet

The joy of balance and movement, led by Isabella Scapini-Burrell, LCSW-C, R-DMT 
Isabella Scapini-Burrell, 
The Gampopa Center of Annapolis (map)
Saturdays, 8:30 AM - 10 AM

This is an adult beginner to intermediate level Ballet class for people who would like to learn more about Ballet as a movement technique, to improve their present overall sense of wellbeing.  It is also appropriate for people who have enjoyed taking Ballet classes in their youth, and who would like to reconnect to themselves in movement through the joy of Ballet. 


The class will consist of traditional barre and center practices. We will work on body attunement, alignment, weight transfer, breath and flow of movement and musical timing, so we can feel freer and more grounded in our bodies and movement expressions in ballet class as well as outside of class.  No prior experience necessary.

This class is part of our Gampopa Center Punch Card Program. The Punch Card is good for any of the eligible classes -- including yoga, ballet, and pilates. See your teacher before class to learn more!

Isabella Scapini-Burrell